St. Louis HVAC Preventative Maintenance

Save Money and Stress With Annual PMA

Starting $200/yr

Protect your home HVAC System with a Preventative Maintenance Agreement Today

Waiting until systems break in your home to call for HVAC maintenance is expensive and stressful. To save money, time, and stress in fixing last-minute emergencies, protect your home with a PMA instead.

See our regular maintenance check-list for items that we cover.

Replace 1 inch filter.

Clean and check the following: Flu integrity and flow of gases, Heat Exchanger, Burner Operation, Drain Line, Freon levels, Washer condenser, Humidifier operation.

The Leading St. Louis HVAC Maintenance Solution

Are you tired of dealing with HVAC maintenance year after year? Do you want to future-proof your home and avoid costly last-minute breakdowns?

With a reliable Preventative Maintenance Agreement (PMA) in place, you get just that. Let us help you save money and stress with the most reliable PMA in St. Louis.

Qualified Maintenance Year-Round
With both fall and spring maintenance included in your PMA, you're covered all year round. Whether it's your AC, boiler, gas furnace, humidifier, pipes, or anything else in between, we'll clean, replace, and tune-up as necessary to make sure that everything is up-to-code and working as efficiently as possible.

Long Term Savings

Most people already make at least service calls per year to tend to their air conditioner seasonal maintenance, boiler heating system maintenance, gas furnace maintenance, and other HVAC systems inside their home. But because these calls are usually for fixing issues rather than preventing them, they tend to be very expensive. With a PMA in place and the preventative security it provides, you can largely avoid these types of emergency calls and save big time in the long run as a result.


We are Your First Choice for HVAC Maintenance in St. Louis

We understand that your home is more than just four walls and a roof; it represents comfort and security for you and your family. That's why you'll find no copy-and-paste solutions here; instead, we provide a transparent, affordable, and qualified approach to PMAs like no other to keep your home safe and comfortable all year round.

How Much Does a Preventative Maintenance Agreement Cost?

You can get your custom PMA from us for the low price of just $200 per year, which for most people with regular HVAC maintenance costs is an annual savings of upwards of $80.

What Sets Us Apart

We understand the demand of quality HVAC or AC repair work. When an AC unit is broken, people don't want to wait for service. This is why we respond back quickly to all repair inquiries and guarantee you will hear back from us within 15 minutes. Texting is our primary method of communication, but we also still accept phone calls and your message will go directly to Rick and his team, not some outsourced call center with no relation to Missouri. We understand that we have to respond back quickly because we will lose your business otherwise. Rick is available and responds 24/7. Our customers know that quality service is on the way soon after contacting us. 

How PMA Works

Step 1: Get in Touch
Getting started is as simple as giving us a call. We'll listen to your needs, put together a custom PMA for your home and give you a call back in October to schedule a convenient time for your fall check-up. We'll then give you another call in the spring to arrange your second visit.  

Step 2: Receive your check-ups
With the specifics of your home in hand, we'll show up at the arranged times and get to work checking your systems, cleaning, fixing, and topping up as needed. If anything requires extra work or parts, we'll be sure to give you a detailed timeline and cost breakdown of all of the work required.

Step 3: Enjoy your peace of mind
After explaining all of the work that was done, we'll leave you to enjoy your good-as-new systems. You don't have to hear from us again until our next visit, but if you have any questions, we're always just a phone call away.

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